Roger Federer reveals the first time he kissed wife Mirka

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Roger Federer reveals the first time he kissed wife Mirka

In an interview to The Times, Roger Federer opened up on his first date with his current wife Mirka. They got married in April 2009 and they are now parents of two sets of twins. It all started at the 2000 Sydney Olympics where both were competing as tennis players.

'We shared a house with the wrestlers and I just enjoyed her company', Federer said. "One thing led to another and we kissed. We didn’t know how it was going to continue. Was it just a kiss and nothing more? When we saw each other again, we realised that we liked each other a lot and stayed together for ever.' Federer's mother Lynette is the President of the Roger Federer Foundation, but also Mirka covers an important role in it.

'Mirka keeps so many friendships going for me. She’s the one who stays in touch with everyone', said Roger. Commenting on his future, he said that achieving big success in tennis is a goal but not obsession: 'The only thing I care about is my wife, my children and my friends.

Tennis? Great. If I win more — fantastic. If I don’t, it’s all good.' Could the ten-year deal with Uniqlo push him to play the Tokyo Olympics in 2020? 'Not necessarily. Two years isn’t a lot in most people’s lives, but for me, there’s a big difference between 37 and 39.

It depends on how I’m playing, how my body feels. I know I’ll still be playing at club level with my kids, but beyond that, who knows?' ALSO READ: Roger Federer explains why he is not the greatest player ever