'No one knows what will happen' - Roger Federer on his tennis future

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'No one knows what will happen' - Roger Federer on his tennis future

When speaking about Roger Federer, longevity is one of the things that stands out of the most. The 37-year-old recognized, speaking to The Times at the Rolex Shanghai Masters last month, that having a right and balanced physical preparation was the key to compete at the highest level on the professional tour for more than 20 years.

'No one ever overworked me', said Federer. "Pierre [Paganini] was always a big believer in taking breaks. Even now I preach to the younger players, ‘Take time off. Your body needs to heal.’ When asking to "tennis insiders" like tournaments directors or players, nobody indicates when Federer will exactly retire.

Because not even the Swiss legend knows it. 'What I like about my career is that no one knows what’s going to happen', said Federer. Federer has been getting asked about retirement for a very long time: 'It started in 2009 when I won the French Open.

I’d tied Pete [Sampras]’s record of the most Grand Slam wins and then I broke it the following month. People said, ‘You’ve won all four slams, broken the record and are No 1 in the world. What else does a person need to be happy?’ Tennis is my passion and I’ll play as long as possible because I truly love it.' Federer is currently training at the Queen's Club in London ahead of the ATP Finals where he will start his campaign on Sunday.

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