Roger Federer: 'Wife, sister, mother, daughters: I am surrounded by women'

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Roger Federer: 'Wife, sister, mother, daughters: I am surrounded by women'

Roger Federer backed the equal prize money between ATP and WTA tournaments. In an interview to The Times, the 37-year-old explained how much women are important to him. 'I’m surrounded by women', Federer said. 'I have two daughters, I’m very close to my mum, I love my wife, I have a sister.

If anyone ever says I’m not pro women … I’m for all women. My women are the most important people in my life.' At the same time, Federer recognized there are some clear reasons that sometimes bring the events to offer more money on the male side than female one: 'In one sentence, I’d say that it’s justified because of the revenue the tournament makes.

The players make 8% [of the total revenue]. It’s not like we’re saying £2m for the winner isn’t enough. We’re arguing that the first-round qualifier only makes maybe a few thousand. We’re talking about making sure that, at the lower level, more people can survive.

I’d also like slams to take part in the player pension fund. Our pension on the ATP level is very small and a lot of players will rely on it in the future. Maybe not me so much, clearly, but I’d like to fight for that and leave a legacy.

I think a lot of the top guys feel that.' 'I admire anybody, woman or man, who comes back, but even more so a woman, because their whole body changes and that’s a major deal. That’s why I’m doubly happy for Serena, [Victoria] Azarenka and [Kim] Clijsters that they’re able to remember how much fun tennis was before [motherhood].' Federer also explained why tennis is unique and in some ways selfish, both in good and bad moments: 'In our biggest moment of victory, we’re all alone.

You don’t have anybody to hug. You shake hands with the umpire and then there’s this moment when you think, ‘I wish I was with somebody right now.’ Then it just breaks — the wall of being a superhero.

You realise you’ve achieved your dream. In football, a guy comes over to you and says, ‘Come on, buddy, let’s get to the changing room, show how tough you are.’ We’re alone. There’s no football chant, just polite applause.

It’s about you, the person, not a club. It can be very moving.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer explains why he is not the greatest player ever