ATP Chief doesn't plan to make Roger Federer's dream a reality

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ATP Chief doesn't plan to make Roger Federer's dream a reality

Roger Federer believes that the championship clash of the ATP Finals in London should be played at the best of five sets, but the ATP Chief Executive and President Chris Kermode does not plan to change the format anytime soon.

'The Best-of-five in the ATP World Tour Finals was overcome in 2008 after a series of measures that took place with the understanding to protect the players' health and give them longer careers', Kermode explained in an interview to Tennis Magazin.

'If you look at the average age of top 100s, we can see that players have a much longer career. We believe it's good for players and the Tour. The return to best-of-five in ATP Finals is not currently discussed. However, we are always open to hearing our players.' Through his official Twitter account, Novak Djokovic sent a great message to Rafael Nadal who had an ankle surgery in Barcelona.

Nadal is set to compete at the Brisbane International starting on December 30, which will mark the start of his 2019 season. 'Sending my best wishes and hopes for fast recovery after surgery my friend', said Djokovic, who may play an exhibition match with Nadal in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, December 22.

However, it could be cancelled because of Nadal's physical condition and also the controversial situation that is influencing the country. Djokovic instead believes that there should be less best of five sets matches, in order to help players competing longer.

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