Rafael Nadal's withdrawal affects me at ATP Finals, says Roger Federer

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Rafael Nadal's withdrawal affects me at ATP Finals, says Roger Federer

In a press conference at the ATP Finals in London Roger Federer commented on Rafael Nadal's withdrawal from the tournament due to a foot surgery. The Swiss believes it was a major news for him and the draw. 'It obviously affected me because I can't be in a group with Novak (Djokovic)', said Federer.

'It reshuffles the entire draw. In terms of excitement and star power and legendary status, he's going to be missed. But what to do? You move on and wish him the best.' Federer added: 'I think it's really only Novak at this point who can maybe say if I play the way I've played the last few months then I'll win the title but even that's not a given, particularly in best of three-setters.' Federer also spoke about the chance to win his 100th career-title in a special place like London: 'I don't think it matters really when I'm going to win by 100th, as long as it happens.

I think winning here is more about winning the World Tour Finals. I know it goes hand in hand at this point. But I'm happy to wait for the 100th too if it doesn't happen.' Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic spoke about how it felt to meet with the Spice Girls: 'It was spicy (laughter).

It was great, a lot of fun. It was an honour to be on the show with Jonathan (Ross). I felt he was a great host and we played some great tennis at the end. You will see that.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title