Rotterdam Open explains reasons behind Roger Federer absence in 2019

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Rotterdam Open explains reasons behind Roger Federer absence in 2019

The ABN Amro World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam will take place for the 47th time from 11 to 18 February 2019 and already seven players are confirmed to play, including Alexander Zverev, Grigor Dimitrov, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Nick Kyrgios.

In an exclusive interview with Tennis World USA, the Tournament Director Richard Krajicek spoke about next year's event that is unlikely to feature the defending champion, Roger Federer. The Swiss is set to lose 500 points after that earlier this year he took a last minute wildcard to become the world No.

1 again and win the title defeating Grigor Dimitrov in a straight-set final. 'The chances to see him playing are very small', said Krajicek. 'Maybe if he wins ATP Finals and Australian Open next year, maybe he wants to win in Rotterdam again to be number one.

This year it was a very nice surprise and a very successful tournament.' Will Roger play Dubai in 2019? 'It could be a chance. Depends on how he feels after Australia. That's important. He does a lot of training in December and in February he also used to train.

We have to wait and see. But there are more chances for him to play in Dubai than Rotterdam.' Federer usually asks a +$1 million appearance fee to compete in ATP 250s or 500s or exhibitions like Hopman Cup, which is a lot in the whole budget.

'The promise when you bring in him is that you do not have enough money for other players', Krajicek admitted. 'In 2016 he had withdrawn and we had no top 10 players. Maybe next year it will be a possibility again, but you cannot take the risk for one player.

The people would go to us like: "What did you learn from the past"?' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title