Belinda Bencic: Roger Federer is so down to heart, there is no pressure

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Belinda Bencic: Roger Federer is so down to heart, there is no pressure

In an interview to Houston Culture Map, Belinda Bencic praised Roger Federer for his humility and character. In late December, they will pair up together at the Hopman Cup in Perth for the third year in a row. Bencic now has a different mindset compared to 2016, when she was about to play with Roger for the first time.

'For half-a-year, after I heard I was going to play with him, I was so nervous,' Bencic confessed. 'Oh my God, how am I going to play doubles with Federer? I will be so nervous, I won’t be able to hit the ball in the court.

Actually, I was more nervous playing my singles match, knowing he was watching me. When we played doubles, I was only nervous until the match started. Suddenly I was fine, I became myself. He really helped me. He’s a comfortable guy who makes you confident.

He's so down to Earth. There was no pressure and I played really well. I think I was more nervous giving my speech after we won.' Bencic also admitted she gets nervous: 'Yes, I do throw my racket sometimes. I calculate the strength of how hard I throw it.

I can make it bounce and it’s okay to keep playing. If I’m really angry, I will break it. I’m very emotional on the court, so I do it a lot.' Asked what she bought first with her tennis earnings, Bencic added: 'I was only 17 when I won my first tournament, so I couldn’t buy anything too stupid, especially with my ‘supervisor’ around', said Bencic referring to her father and coach Ivan.

'I did buy one thing, a bracelet for my mother.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title