Grigor Dimitrov backs Roger Federer: He can prove he is the best

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Grigor Dimitrov backs Roger Federer: He can prove he is the best

In a video for ATP YouTube Channel, Grigor Dimitrov analyzed the ATP Finals biggest contenders in London, starting from Novak Djokovic. 'What he has achieved this year has already been pretty incredible and I just think that going for the sixth title in number one is handled precious in the past and this year it's a legitimate chance to go for it,' said Dimitrov.

The Bulgarian believes that Roger Federer has high chances to win in London: 'Roger has won multiple times, other stuff on the line for him but it would be stupid if he wouldn't want to go there and give himself the best shot possible not proving anything to anybody there but more to himself that he is still the best.' About Alexander Zverev, Dimitrov only had words of praise: 'Sascha has been absolutely brilliant this year, very consistent, winning a lot of matches.

That's what you basically need to get to London and he is still pretty young but he has shown a lot of improvements throughout the year.' Analyzing his loss to Kei Nishikori, Federer explained: 'I just came in with a bit -- I felt good all day.

I just got a little bit edgy in the match, saw things the negative way. Kei was playing horribly as well for the first eight games like I was. I should have said, That's great, I don't need rhythm, he needs rhythm. Things are looking good for me.

It's okay to not start well. It's the first round. It's normal. Sometimes you feel that way.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title