Roger Federer: In Shanghai, I had some extremely sore muscles

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Roger Federer: In Shanghai, I had some extremely sore muscles

The second-half of the 2018 season was complicated for Roger Federer who understood that, in order to be competitive at the highest level, playing more tournaments was the key Commenting on his mindset for setting the 2019 tournaments schedule, in an interview to Tages Anzeiger the 37-year-old said: 'It's very important to reflect on my life from all corners.

From my wife, family, team, physio, coach. To decide: how much time do I spend for what? I would only like to spend time with my family and play tennis. But even the physio, coach and many others want something from me. I do not have problems with practicing.

But sometimes it's better to play more. In Shanghai, I had some extremely sore muscles. Here in London, I was physically better. That means I also have to play enough to gain rhythm. And I have to reach the ultimate limit in training, or beyond.' Kevin Anderson also lost in the semifinals, to Novak Djokovic.

The South African was asked about his next plans. 'I don't know. Typical life of a tennis player. Honestly I do not know. We're going to have to chat with my team, my family, see what my next few weeks are like,' the South African said.

'My next event, I start the year in Abu Dhabi, Pune, Australian Open after that. Obviously finding the balance between spending time at home, recovering, then starting the year again training. I'm doing a charity event December 15th, which I'm really excited about.

It's for the local dog rescue, an initiative called Ocean Conservancy, Trash Free Seas. Excited about that. We did a small thing for the Californian wildfires. It's terrible to see the scope and magnitude. I'm sure we're looking at ways we can continue to help with that cause, as well.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title