Gerard Pique clarifies on controversial quotes about Roger Federer

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Gerard Pique clarifies on controversial quotes about Roger Federer

In October, the FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, announcing the new Davis Cup format in a conference call in Madrid, said that 'Roger Federer's legs can do only what they can do'. These quotes turned viral and sounded like a Pique's criticism towards the 20-time Grand Slam winner, but in a recent interview to L'Equipe, the Spaniard clarified he has nothing against Federer.

'It was a misunderstanding! You can check my Twitter account. I always said, for a long time, that Roger was one of my three idols, with Michael Jordan and Leo Messi. Federer is at the top and I totally respect him as a player.

He is one of the best guys in sports history, not only tennis. What I said is that he has a certain age and picks the tournaments because he cannot play them all. In my life I will never criticize Federer as a sportman', said Pique.

'I know that Roger said the Davis Cup should not become the "Piqué Cup". But I am just one of the actors, I do not want to be the protagonist of this Cup', he added. 'It will not be the Piquè Cup.

Davis Cup belongs to ITF, so to the federations. But federations are very important. They are the future of tennis. They are the ones that invest in younger talents and new generations. Davis Cup needs to be strong so that money goes to all the federations, even the weakest ones.

Otherwise, the future of tennis will become a desert', he concluded. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title