Ivan Ljubicic breaks silence: I see Roger Federer as a friend

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Ivan Ljubicic breaks silence: I see Roger Federer as a friend

In an interview to the Croatian TV channel HRT, Ivan Ljubicic opened up on his relationship with Roger Federer. The Croat started working with the Swiss at the end of 2015 and in 2017 Ljubicic was praised a lot for making Federer his amazing backhand.

'About working with Federer, it was a little bit strange for me in the beginning. We had a friendly relationship before and we have turned that into a normal coach-player relationship. I have got used to it now. I don't see him as an icon but as a friend.' Ljubicic rarely gives interviews to media to speak about his co-operation with Federer.

In the last three years, he has just given two interviews about the Swiss, both to Italian media communcation. About the France-Croatia final in Lille, Ljubicic - who was supporting the team in the stadium - added: 'I am very excited, the organization is great and this is a huge opportunity for us.

Both Marin and Borna have been playing great tennis and we don't have to worry about their form. I trust them, I wouldn't have signed for a 1-1 after the opening day, we have to show we are ready to win the Davis Cup.' Ljubicic is Borna Coric's agent: 'Borna has a lot of potential, he is in a building stage.

He came to me to work together. We are working on a commercial base as a manager. I worked with him for tennis as well. He had an amazing season and we all are happy.' Federer is currently enjoying holidays in an unknown place with his wife Mirka and four children, he will start the pre-season training in early December in Dubai.

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