Greg Rusedski explains why Dominic Thiem could have beaten Roger Federer

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Greg Rusedski explains why Dominic Thiem could have beaten Roger Federer

In an interview to Sky Sports, the former Wimbledon semifinalist Greg Rusedski commented on Dominic Thiem's ATP Finals campaign. The Austrian player lost to Kevin Anderson and Roger Federer and won just one match against Kei Nishikori.

Rusedski liked a lot the Austrian's win over the Japanese, and he believes that playing that way even Federer could have been in trouble. 'We were talking in his match against [Roger] Federer, why didn't he do that tactic against him? Move him right and left, play with margin, find the balance.

It would have been much more interesting and he probably would have had a better chance to qualify', said Rusedski. The Brazilian FC Chelsea football star Willian praised Thiem's potential. They met each other at the Finals in London as Thiem is a passionate Chelsea fan.

'He's one of the best players at the moment. I hope to see him in the top three, he will be there for sure', Willian said on Thiem. Commenting on his win over Nishikori, in a press conference, Thiem had said: 'I just went into that match and wanted to show my real self again basically because two days ago was really bad.

I was not feeling good to play such a match in front of such a big crowd and everything. I wanted to have a much better game again today. That's what I did. I did some adjustments. I tried to have a higher first-serve percentage.

Some things definitely paid off. Of course, I'm happy that I got the win.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title