Expert reveals why Roger Federer earns more than Nadal in endorsements

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Expert reveals why Roger Federer earns more than Nadal in endorsements

In an interview to Capital, the marketing expert Andres Ortega explained why Roger Federer earns more than Rafael Nadal in endorsements. From May 2017 to May 2018 Federer earned $65 million, while Nadal only $27 million. The Swiss player has a long-term deal with world-class brands like Mercedes-Benz, Credit Suisse or Rolex, while Nadal is more popular in Spain being the ambassador of Kia, Mapfre, Telefonica.

'Despite Nadal was the number one (this year), as a fan I see Federer as his father', Ortega wrote. 'It looks like that before heading into the court he is adjusting his hair to look beautiful. Federer is more classy.

I do not believe you have seen Federer going to play with pink shorts, like Nadal. Federer took care more about keeping his image as a "gentleman", especially in little details that, for example, Nadal does not get interested to when he lifts the trophies.

Nadal's gamestyle is younger, more physical, so it suits more to younger people. Federer is the extreme of the perfect tennis player, who dominates all the shots, that does not sweat and does everything. Nadal is perfect for strength and resilience.' Ortega also mentioned other top tennis players: 'Many other tennis players win matches as well, like Djokovic or del Potro, but the difference is in other things.

When you go buying a car, you take decisions depending on objective things but also subjective ones. That's where Federer rules. In him, you have much more than wins. He has all the things to suit to people, with very clear values that makes him see as the person who we would all like to have as a colleague.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title