Djokovic and Murray are better than Federer in one aspect, says Muller

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Djokovic and Murray are better than Federer in one aspect, says Muller
Djokovic and Murray are better than Federer in one aspect, says Muller

Gilles Muller does not have a great head to head record against the Big Fours. The Luxembourg former player lost five times on five against Roger Federer, four on four against Novak Djokovic, six on six against Andy Murray while he defeated Rafael Nadal two times out of six.

In a recent interview, Muller said: 'I knew that to beat these top players, I've had to catch a dream day. I have to admit I'd rather be up against Federer or Nadal than I did against Djokovic or Murray. My style of play was just not lying to Nadal on the fast toppings.

Against Federer, I also liked to play, this, although I could never win a set against him and was mostly without chances. Yet Federer sometimes gave you a little breathing space by making some mistakes himself. That was not the case with Djokovic and Murray.

They are so dogged and just don't give up a point. Here I was always afraid before the game that I could get completely under the wheels against them.' Commenting on Nadal who he beat at 2017 Wimbledon fourth round in an epic five-set match, Muller added: 'I first met him at a Challenger tournament in 2003.

That's where I lost to him in three sets. Many experts had already predicted a great career for him at the time. Personally, I had never trusted him to do that. I looked at him more like a small muscle pack that could run from left to right like a whirlwind.

In our second meeting in Barcelona, I felt something of a fear for the first time on the tennis court - but not necessarily because of Nadal: The local spectators provided an impressive atmosphere on the big centre court.

Even on the way to the square, we were pushed back and forth by security people. I was very impressed by that. That same year, at Wimbledon, I succeeded with a success against him than the big surprise. I thought that this boy would never be able to triumph at the "Championships." But as we know today, I was taught something.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title

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