Dylan Alcott recalls embarassing time with Roger Federer

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Dylan Alcott recalls embarassing time with Roger Federer

In an interview to Sydney Morning Herald, earlier in 2018, Australian wheelchair tennis player Dylan Alcott recalled the embarrassing moment with Roger Federer in the Australian Open locker room. Alcott said: 'I put down my tennis bag and racquets, opened up locker 61, and loaded in my gear.

I wanted to get my racquets re-strung, so there I was, head in the locker, looking for some string. Eventually I found it and pulled my head out of the locker. Standing there, completely naked, basically with his penis on my shoulder, was one of my tennis heroes.

It was Roger Federer. I couldn't believe it. I just sat there, stunned. The Swiss maestro looked down at me. 'Hi, I'm Roger,' he said. 'Hi, I'm Dylan,' I said, thinking to myself the whole time, Eyes up! Eyes up! Eyes up! It's not every day you get to meet your idols, let alone in the nude.' Alcott also commented on how being easy with himself and not taking the life too seriously was the key to be successful in tennis: 'That's why I've had success.

For example, when I started (with Triple J) they said I've got to speak through a smile. I said 'f--- no, you sound like a wanker'. I said I'm going to speak how I speak. It went really well because I was just being me.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title