Goffin: 'I will never forget the welcome I got before facing Roger Federer'

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Goffin: 'I will never forget the welcome I got before facing Roger Federer'

In an interview to Paris Match, David Goffin commented on how he handles the expectations now that he is in the tennis elite. Last year the Belgian cracked the top 10 rankings, achieving a career-high position at No. 7 after reaching the ATP Finals championship clash that he would eventually lose to Grigor Dimitrov in three sets.

'I prefer to be the 30th (in the world rankings) and being happy rather than being in the top 10 and being sad', said Goffin. 'That's what's it's not obvious in tennis. Every time, we go to the court and the pressure is a little bit heavier to deal with.

There is someone who lives it badly and they do not accept it. I sometimes forget about the role I can have with people. I will always remember the welcome I received in 2012 after playing against Roger Federer at the French Open.

The night itself, on my way back, I congratulated with myself.' Goffin also commented on the new Davis Cup format during the Davis Cup: 'We will see. It's a new format. We have to qualify for the finals, and then we will see how it is.

It can be a great atmosphere, also. Sure, we try, with Belgium, we try to do our best. But it will be another atmosphere. I don't know. It will be different. Different, maybe better, but I don't know. We will see. When you play even away, it's something special, like tonight with the crowd and it's a different atmosphere, and when you have to get through this atmosphere, it's just amazing feeling with your team.

When you are just a small team all together against 20, 25,000 or even less, it is something special.
Of course, I'm going to miss that kind of tie, home and away, but I don't know. I will tell you in one year (smiling).' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title