Roger Federer vs Ilie Nastase: Adriano Panatta makes comparison

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Roger Federer vs Ilie Nastase: Adriano Panatta makes comparison

The former world No. 4 and 1976 French Open winner Adriano Panatta believes there are some similarities between Ilie Nastase and Roger Federer in terms of game styles. 'Comfortable, fast and resilient, with a natural gift that would have allowed them, in a 100 metres Olympic final, to get better out of blocks at the start and to take the lead within the first three steps.

Yeah, only three, which makes a difference in tennis', said Panatta. Panatta also revealed a nice thing about the former tennis player Stan Smith: 'He was speaking with a low voice, and he conquered women in an amazing way.

He was doing nothing but watching them, saying time by time some words that no one managed to understand, but that was not definitely wrong or inappropriate. They were considering that it was normal that this kind of guy could say only nice things.

And in the end, by doing nothing, women were approaching him. Unbelievable.' Smith himself said: 'I was leading a stage with younger tennis players a while ago, and in order to break the ice I asked who wanted to be like Borg.

No one knew who he was. But one of them was wearing my shoes. I told him that they were beautiful, and with big happiness, he told me that they were of Stan Smith line, without knowing that the original Stan Smith was ahead of him.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title