Rules will change if players won't be as successful as Federer: Krajicek

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Rules will change if players won't be as successful as Federer: Krajicek

The ABN Amro Rotterdam Tournament Director Richard Krajicek likes the new rules introduced at the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan. Krajicek believes that sets played at best of four games are good for the sport. 'The environment is more exciting.

I only see benefits from it, but many players do not want it and many fans believe that this is too far away from the traditional tennis. Even at Wimbledon a tie-break on 12-all in the fifth set was introduced. So I do not want to say that those rules will never join the Tour,' Krajicek told Telegraaf.

Krajicek does not believe that the no-ad rule at deuce will be approved. 'I cannot imagine that this rule will make it. The players and the crowd find the long matches as something emotional and beautiful. Look at the match between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic (at the Paris Masters).

Are you still enjoying?' No-let rule may join the Tour soon, per Krajicek: 'I see an agreement on it in three or five years. I expect linesmen to disappear as well because the hawk-eye prevails over everything.' Krajicek does not expect major changes to happen: 'It's going very well now, especially thank to Federer, Nadal and Djokovic.

But, if in five years, no one can be as successful as them, you may need to make some important changes.' Djokovic will start the new season at the Qatar Exxon Mobil Open in Doha, Federer at the Hopman Cup and Nadal in Brisbane.

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