At 36 Novak Djokovic can be as successful as Roger Federer, says Courier

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At 36 Novak Djokovic can be as successful as Roger Federer, says Courier

Novak Djokovic proved to be extremely competitive even after turning 30 years old, making a stunning comeback from the 22nd to the first ranking position this year following an elbow injury. In 2017 Roger Federer captured two Grand Slam titles, Australian Open and Wimbledon, after a knee injury.

The former world no. 1 Jim Courier believes that, if Djokovic gets injured again in the next years, he can make a Federer's comeback. 'I do think Novak could make a similar run to the top at 36 if he is able to regain full health.

I could see his professionalism and talent taking him back to the pinnacle in his mid-30s,' said Courier in an interview to the New York Times. Federer's former coach Paul Annacone said: 'The thing that is amazing is Roger having the ability to play less and yet not lose confidence due to lack of reps.

That is a tough balance for anyone.' During the Rotterdam Open that marked Federer's return to the first ranking position this year, Courier had said: 'We shouldn’t lose sight of how amazing it is that Roger is playing at this level at 36.

That he can make another run at the No. 1 ranking this week is a testament to his immense talent, diligent work habits and intelligent scheduling over the course of his career.' Djokovic leads head to head meetings 25-22 with Federer, the Serb won the most recent meeting at the Paris Masters semi-final.

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