'Federer does not need Nadal, love for tennis is his strongest motivation'

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'Federer does not need Nadal, love for tennis is his strongest motivation'

The former professional tennis player Sjeng Schalken believes that Roger Federer is willing and motivated to start the 2019 season on a high note. This year the Swiss suffered some tough losses, including against John Millman at the US Open, which upset a lot of fans and media.

Schalken believes that Federer wants to write a few more chapters of history. 'I think he plays for records and stats', said Schalken in an interview to AD. 'It's not for nothing that he came to Rotterdam to become the oldest world number one.

For a lot of time, we thought that Pete Sampras's Grand Slam record (14 titles) would have never been broken. Ten years after, Federer and Nadal broke it. Records are broken in such a fast way.' Schalken continued: 'He may make sure to get away from Nadal winning the 21st.

That's really possible, but it is becoming something rare. He will make a few other attempts to win a Grand Slam and if he will make it in Australia or Wimbledon, he will stop. Federer does not need Nadal, his love for the game is the strongest motivation.

But if this level becomes a standard...' The former player Jan Siemerink concluded: 'It's a loss, you do not have to act too quickly. He may eat something wrong or he drank too little. It rarely happens to him, but Federer is human as well.

I do not see any sign for an upcoming end of his career. Jimmy Connors was in the US Open semifinals at 40 years of age.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title