Roger Federer sometimes dominates me, but I enjoy his game - Haase

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Roger Federer sometimes dominates me, but I enjoy his game - Haase

In an interview to, Dutch tennis player Robin Haase revealed his thoughts on Roger Federer's greatness and personality. 'Last year we played a training match in Shanghai,' said Haase. 'I was strong, but on that day everything worked for Roger.

After another amazing good point, he touched my shoulder while laughing. Roger is a friend for me. I learn a lot from him, he asks me for things as well. Roger is a great sportsman with feet on the ground. In a practice game sometimes he dominates me, but I can also enjoy his game because I realize how much he is special.' Haase also commented on his relationship with criticism and media overall: 'Over the course of years, especially after the social media arrival, I learned how to face criticism and what people think about me, but I learned to face it.' Haase is 31 years old and commenting on his post career plans, he said: 'I do not know if I will be a good coach.

But there are many other interesting things, beyond tennis. The coach spends hours on a tennis court.' Maybe working as a tennis tournament director? 'I do not know for how many years Richard Krajicek will be on top of it (Rotterdam Open).

But I hope to play for a few more years.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title