I am sad Roger Federer split with Nike, says Richard Krajicek

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I am sad Roger Federer split with Nike, says Richard Krajicek

In an interview to NRC, Rotterdam Open Tournament Director Richard Krajicek commented on Roger Federer leaving Nike for Uniqlo in June 2018. The Swiss player will reportedly earn $300 million until 2028 from the Japanese brand. 'I am sad that they did not make it,' said Krajicek, who wore Nike during his career as a tennis player.

'Nike and Federer have a long history together and they mean a lot for each other. It would have been nice if Federer wore Nike on his retirement.' The sports journalist of Triple Double Michel van Grunsven believes the agreement is a 'ridiculous' one.

'But it's about the market value. I do not think Federer cares about money. Nike looking for other potential stars a few years ago, when Federer may have got less success, may have been a reason. Nike is tough and very competitive.

There is no room for it.' Theodora Elisabeth Gerarda "Anky" van Grunsven, the Dutch dressage winner praised the biggest legends of tennis in a column in the Dutch paper Telegraaf. Van Grunsven spoke highly of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal's abilities to be successful despite dealing with issues while getting older. 'They went through poor times with injuries,' Van Grunsven confessed.

'They returned stronger every time. It is partly caused by the fact that through quality practice, you can get to where you want. You have to be smart. After all, your body knows your movement. Combining it with the experiences of winning titles or being successful in tournaments makes it easier to the athlete.

I would like to give a warning to the young generation, especially now that you need a lot of things to break through in sport.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title