Rafael Nadal has Ronaldo's work ethic. Federer is like Messi - Uncle Toni

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Rafael Nadal has Ronaldo's work ethic. Federer is like Messi - Uncle Toni

In an interview to NRC, Toni Nadal made an interesting comparison between tennis and football. 'Rafael has (Cristiano) Ronaldo's work ethic,' said Toni. '(Roger) Federer has the best technique, but Rafael is talented too.

Ronaldo cannot only score a goal, his technique skills are brilliant. Messi and Federer's game is brilliant, but Rafael has unique qualities. His intensity while working has no rivals.' Nadal is not a natural left-hander, but Toni managed to make him play like that: 'It's not thanks to me, when he played football Rafa played with his left foot.

In tennis, Rafa initially hit two-handed on both sides and did it well. But how many top players are double handed both on forehand and backhand side? No many. So we had to fix something. We chose the best option, only after I figured out that Rafa does all the rest with the right.

But his forehand on the left hand was much better, Rafa has the ability to hit a lot of top spin.' Toni also claimed that Rafael never took banned substances: 'There are many idiots in this world. Sometimes they are not respectful.

Doping is totally contrary to our philosophy of life. We would never put Rafa's health in danger. Winning is important, but everyone knows that Rafael is a correct person who would never cheat against his opponent,' concluded Toni, who stopped coaching his nephew in 2017.

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