Expert reveals strange thing about Roger Federer - Uniqlo partnership

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Expert reveals strange thing about Roger Federer - Uniqlo partnership

The marketing expert Martin Charvát of Remembership commented on the new co-operation between Roger Federer and Uniqlo that started in July. Charvàt was in some ways surprised by Uniqlo willing to spend $300 million for ten years, until 2028, when Federer will turn 47 years old.

'The fact that the brand wants to support the athlete even after his active career is not a common thing. However, Federer is famous for having worn very elegantly in his life. If they made him committed for ten years, it probably means that even after the end of his career their outfits will appear in several occasions,' Charvat said.

Commenting on Federer skipping the clay-court season in the last two years, the Kiki Bertens's coach Rainer Sluiter said: 'His decision clearly makes sense. He knows that it's difficult to achieve big things with his gamestyle on clay.

In the longer rallies he is not the best.' The former player Jan Kodeš added: 'He has the right to rest. He is not expected to come somewhere to raise money and leave the court. He may lose, but he always delivers a performance that meets with his name.' Meanwhile, tennis analyst Craig O'Shannessy spoke about his partnership with Novak Djokovic: 'In the beginning of 2017 Novak was looking for a strategy analyst and he tried with me.

When I cannot physically be at the tournament, I work from home and I send him the needed informations to deliver the correct strategy. I do not need to speak a lot with Novak, I often speak to Vajda.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title