'Working with me, Federer would lead head to head vs Nadal' - O'Shannessy

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'Working with me, Federer would lead head to head vs Nadal' - O'Shannessy

In an interview to Il Tennis Italiano, the Novak Djokovic's strategy analyst Craig O'Shannessy commented on how his job works and talked about tennis in general. O'Shannessy works on tennis stats and helps Djokovic, through technology, to play better.

Roger Federer is down 15-23 on the head to head meetings, but O'Shannessy shared an interesting opinion. 'If he worked with me, Federer would be leading head to head meetings with Nadal, I am 200% sure about it', he said.

Speaking about his story, O'Shannessy added: 'I grew up in Australia where I was playing tennis, then I moved to the United States, at the Baylor University in Texas. After taking a journalism degree, I had to choose between working as a journalist or as a tennis coach.

You can say I went on both journeys and even none of the two.' O'Shannessy said he can help high level professional players and young guns in the same way. 'The concept is the same, as well as the results you can take from and the strategies you can adapt.

Professional players have other numbers, hit top spin, reach much higher speeds, but in the end, the goal to pursuit is exactly is the same. I worked with kids filming from the baseline and, once the match ended, all what I had to know was on my computer.' Djokovic is currently training in Monte Carlo on outdoor hard courts.

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