I played with Roger Federer in doubles when nobody could touch him: Mirnyi

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I played with Roger Federer in doubles when nobody could touch him: Mirnyi

In an interview to tennis.com, 41-year-old Max Mirnyi, who officially retired from tennis this year, recalled the three doubles titles he won alongside Roger Federer in 2002 Rotterdam and Moscow, and at the Miami Open in 2003.

Federer was starting to have success at the highest level during these years. 'Roger was on his way up to the domination he would establish for about five or six years when nobody could touch him,' said Mirnyi. 'We hardly lost together.

It was incredible to be on the same side of the court with him. He was breathing in confidence that he would project on every point. He felt that the bigger the moment, the more he could produce. It was a big luxury to play with him.' Another legend, Serena Williams, is still in Mirnyi's mind.

The Belarusian was impressed by the American's talent and power. 'One thing definitely stood out about Serena. It was her physical presence,' he admitted. 'When we teamed up that summer of 98’ she had so much hunger and determination that any time she had her racket on the ball, I felt that our opponents—particularly the girls—were taking a step back on the other side.

Serena’s power was already amazing, but I just felt maybe she could put a control clamp on it. Sometimes the errors were mounting and her shots were not just a foot out. I had no idea that she would dominate the world for such a long time but I could definitely sense her superior physical talent on the court even at that age.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title

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