No one knew Roger Federer would win 20 Majors, says Mark Philippoussis

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No one knew Roger Federer would win 20 Majors, says Mark Philippoussis

Roger Federer often says that he is surprised with all the success he has got during his career, and so does Mark Philippoussis. The Australian faced the Swiss in Federer's maiden Grand Slam final win at 2003 Wimbledon.

At the time, Philippoussis would have never expected that Federer would have reached the 20-Major barrier. ‘If you had kind of asked me that question – no matter how good someone is it’s hard to see that happening.

You always knew he was going to be one of the top players, you knew he would win some Slams but to win what is it, 20? No, in my opinion', Philippoussis told Metro. 'I thought [Pete] Sampras’ record of 14 Grand Slams is going to last quite a while! Not only has it not lasted a while, but three guys have passed it.

It’s incredible when you think about it. It’s unbelievable.’ About Alexander Zverev, who won the ATP Finals in London defeating Federer and Djokovic back to back last month, Philippoussis added: ‘He is spearheading that.

But like I said he hasn’t even come close to showing that he’s dangerous in any Grand Slam yet. In my opinion, he will be the one because he’s got the weapons, he’s got the whole package. I would say, he’s definitely my No.

1 pick if I had to pick someone, yes.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title