Virat Kohli in same stratosphere as Roger Federer and Nadal - Cricket Coach

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Virat Kohli in same stratosphere as Roger Federer and Nadal - Cricket Coach

Cricket coach Trent Woodhill praised cricket star Virat Kohli who is leading the Indian cricket team in the away series against Australia. In an article published in Indian website, NDTV, Woodhill praised Kohli and put him at the same level as many tennis, and sporting legends.

'I've said before that he's in the same stratosphere as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal', said Woodhill. 'He's equal to them. All Virat really wanted to know was that his head was in a good position and that he was able to access the ball without being impeded.

The best aren't technically focused. They're into making sure the core parameters of their game are in order. They want to make sure that they're balanced at the crease and they're able to adapt to the situation in the game, and that's what makes them so good.

There was lots of talk of him in England before this season about how it was a frontier he hadn't conquered but he came out and had a great summer in England through tough conditions and just through continually refining his game.

Refining his game, not changing it. That's the big difference between the really great players and the good players. The great players refine all the time while the good players change their game too often.' Nadal will start the new season in Brisbane, Federer at the Hopman Cup.

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