Nino Schurter named Swiss sportsman of the year over Roger Federer

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Nino Schurter named Swiss sportsman of the year over Roger Federer

On the tenth attempt, Nino Schurter finally made it. The mountain bike rider ended on the first place at the Swiss Sports Awards 2018 topping the tennis star Roger Federer who ended second. 'It was a tough taboo to break', said an emotional Schurter in his speech ceremony.

'But the toughest wins are also the nicest ones. Getting this award is a big honour for me.' Like Federer, Schurter is a father, having a three-year-old daughter called Lisa. In 2018 Schurter won his sixth World Cup in Lenzerheide.

'It was a great mountain bike festival that created big emotions between many people.' The recognizement of being named as the Swiss sportsman of the year is even greater having "prevailed" over Federer.

'Roger Federer is known everywhere. For me it's a big honour to be ahead of him.' Federer got 21,39% of votes, Dario Cologna 15,73%. 'I have a big team around me. I would surely miss Mountain Bike if I stopped now.' Analyzing his season, Federer said: 'Obviously, if I knew that this year I would play so well, I would have signed for it.

Another Grand Slam title and world number one once again, it was unbelievable for me. I did not think I would experience it again after my long injury. Getting older is like skiing: the air becomes even slimmer. That's why I have to plan well with the team.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title