Roger Federer defends Boris Becker: 'Do not criticize him'

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Roger Federer defends Boris Becker: 'Do not criticize him'

Boris Becker is a very discussed people in Germany, as he has been declared in bankrupt last year. Speaking to Bild earlier this year at the Laureus Sports Awards in Monte Carlo, Roger Federer commented on the complicated situation involving the six-time Grand Slam winner.

'People and German press are really interested in everything', said Becker. 'I want to say, love the game! And if you like this game, you also have to accept the other side of the medal. To be honest, when you come to this level of criticism, you sometimes do not deserve criticism and yet you still get criticized.' Federer always mentions Becker on the list of his three top childhood idols: 'As a kid, I followed his career.

He was such a champion when he was younger! He and Steffi Graf were idols for everyone. With Michael Stich and Anke Huber, the four did an amazing job for the German tennis. Even with Novak, Boris did a big work.' Federer is aware that he is an important role model for many kids and adults.

In an interview earlier this year during the Laureus Sports Awards in Monte Carlo, Federer said: 'We can inspire. I needed a lot of athletes that I looked up to and who then become my idols. Stefan Edberg, Boris Becker, Pete Sampras, Michael Jordan.

We do play a big role in society, parents and kids come up to me to tell me that I am their idol and it makes me very happy.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title