Nobody will have same success as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal,says Becker

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Nobody will have same success as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal,says Becker

Alexander Zverev won his biggest title at the ATP Finals in London last month, but the six-time Grand Slam winner Boris Becker is cautious about the German's success. Asked by Adevarul if Zverev can become one of the best players ever, Becker said: 'I think it will be difficult for anybody to have the same success as the legends Federer and Nadal.

Zverev is definitely one of the candidates to dominate in the next years, but winning 20 or 17 titles of this category is unbelievable. I think it will never happen again. There will be a moment where Zverev will win his maiden title, then Kyrgios when he plays better, Tsitsipas and other young Russians.

Khachanov is good, Rublev is good. Their wins are just a matter of time.' About younger players not being able to go far in Majors, Becker added: 'There are many younger talented players, and for a reason or the other, they still have not succeeded in the Grand Slams.

So there is definitely something in the mentality, focus, which is tougher to keep over two weeks and at the best of five sets than two out of three. They are talented and very good, but something does not allow them to go far in the Grand Slams.

I do not know what, but there is something.' The Romanian player Victor Hanescu is not sure that the rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal is the best ever. The two players changed the game, the Spaniard leads head to head meetings 23-15 but Hanescu said he cannot say this is the best clash in tennis 'At the time, a Sampras-Agassi was intense', he told Liberta Tea.

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