I want to break Roger Federer's Major titles record, says Italian player

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I want to break Roger Federer's Major titles record, says Italian player

Three years ago, the world no. 216 Gian Marco Moroni said that he wanted to win more Grand Slam titles than Roger Federer, who at the time held 17. People were very surprised by these comments, but in an interview to Tennis Circus, the Rome native clarified saying that he just wants to give his best. 'I know I cannot reach that goal, because it's really big.

But I said those things because I do not want to set limits. One day, I want to look back and be happy and satisfied with how I did, not have regrets, knowing that I gave everything to try reaching something big, even if in the end I did not manage to do it,' Moroni explained.

Commenting on the Next Gen ATP Finals' rules, Moroni - who could not compete in the Next Gen ATP Finals qualifying draw in Milan due to a back injury - concluded: 'I would definitely remove the four-game sets. I can understand problems (about length of the matches), especially for TVs, but I prefer the traditional six-games' set.

But in the same time I did not like the long set at Wimbledon. I would use the no-ad rule in training because you can focus really well, but not in matches. I am in favour of shot clock, but I would like it to be more flexible.

It depends on situations. One thing is having 20 seconds after hitting a double fault and one thing is 20 seconds after a 30-shot rally.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title