At 2009 French Open I felt obliged to win, says Roger Federer

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At 2009 French Open I felt obliged to win, says Roger Federer

Roger Federer may play the 2019 French Open next year. But, speaking to an Italian newspaper, in an interview, he recalled his 2009 French Open success that came against Robin Soderling in the final. 'They often ask me, when a top player loses in a Grand Slam, if he feels pressure, the oblige to win,' said Federer.

'The truth is that it happened to me just once: at the 2009 French Open. And thanks to God I managed to win. Yeah, that was a big influence for me because I was aware of the big opportunity I had, since the defending champion Rafael Nadal had lost, but at the same time I had to get worried about my game and opponents.

That mix of things had a such strong impact on me. But, then, I won. 2009 was a great year both from sports and family perspective. But if you ask me what was the most important tournament, I have no doubt: the win in Paris, at the French Open.

Federer is happy and proud to have combined a successful career and fatherhood. 'In truth, I never doubted that I could still win tournaments and Grand Slams after being a father. Journalists were telling me that it would be very tough, that other players were struggling with it.

But winning in Cincinnati against Novak Djokovic, when my daughters were two or three weeks old, was so special,' concluded Federer, who will start the new season in Perth. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title