Roger Federer praises Rafael Nadal: 'He never gives up'

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Roger Federer praises Rafael Nadal: 'He never gives up'

Roger Federer praised Rafael Nadal's game and mindset. The Swiss player suffered several tough losses against the Spaniard, but he still loves him. 'Rafa never gives up', Federer admitted. 'He plays with the same intensity from the beginning to the end of every match.

It makes a difference than all the others.' Federer also spoke about how it feels to play in packed crowds: 'Generally the crowd is not an issue for me, I played in difficult situations and in others much more pleasant.

It does not bother me if the crowd cheers for my opponent.' Federer finally concluded: 'I like leading during matches: starting well and putting the match in the right direction makes me feel more comfortable because you do not ask yourself questions that you have to change something in your game because what you did until that moment worked.

So you try to continue and you try to d something more in the same direction. That's what top players do better.' Federer never tries to find excuses for his loss or bad performances, but he admitted that some things can play a factor: 'When the sun comes on your side bothers you: the ball switches from light to shadow and it seems the half.

So it's difficult to hit it. It's tough to play because, obviously, a side of the court is sunny and the other one, instead, stays on the shadow but you have to get used to it. In the Grand Slams New York is the place where it's most windy.

There the wind is strong but it does not bother me.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title