Roger Federer reveals what he dislikes about tennis

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Roger Federer reveals what he dislikes about tennis

Roger Federer is very professional in many aspects, but the Swiss player wants to play a free tennis. The world No. 3 is not too attracted by numbers: 'I never look at statistics. There are fanatics of numbers, of how many double faults I made, of how many first serves I hit, of how many points I won.

I frankly do not care. And I do not care if the winners/errors record is positive or negative. What really matters is how you face the opponent: the tactics, the wind, there are so many important things.' Federer also added: 'You need to be strong to win, whatever you are number one or not.

I do not know what my fans think, but fans definitely do not underestimate my toughness during matches. It would have not been easy, otherwise, to stay at the top for many years.' Federer disclosed some interesting details behind his practice session regime.

Federer always chooses quality over quantity, and he said: 'At the best at the gym, I trained for three hours, I think this is my record. On the court, instead, my maximum is four hours and a half in a row.' The last time he played bad? 'It was a lot of time ago...' Meanwhile, Federer praised the Australian legend Rod Laver for understanding the geometry.

'Back in the day, it was different because you couldn’t hit flick shots as much as we hit them today, or as easy as we hit them today. And then there was a lot of lobbying going on because that’s how you would stay in the point—you couldn’t just smash away every single the time.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title