Exclusive: Roger Federer Foundation reaches one million children!

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Exclusive: Roger Federer Foundation reaches one million children!

The mission is accomplished. The Roger Federer Foundation has reached a historical milestone goal: by the end of the 2018 year, one million children will now be benefiting from the programmes promoted and supported by the Swiss player's charitable activity that was founded back in 2004.

Already at the end of 2015 Federer had set this goal, and in an exclusive interview with Tennis World USA the CEO of the Roger Federer Foundation, Janine Händel, confirmed they have made it as planned. It took a lot of work and determination to achieve this amazing thing.

'There was no other possibility than achieving this goal because Roger always achieves his goals', Händel admitted. 'There are one million children which benefits from the major quality of education in the school, pre-school, kindergarten.

One million children have now a better chance to make their way in life, to get a job, to exit from poverty.' The Roger Federer Foundation helps children who are living in poverty, both in Switzerland and especially South Africa, and 'represents all the values of Roger Federer', Händel confirmed.

'This why it was important for him to have an organization which has his name. Roger believes in the empowerment of the people and their potential. That's a fundamental value in our every-day work. We strongly believe early education is one of the most powerful weapons to empower children exiting from poverty.

It's actually proven that education makes people better citizen, be more prepared when it comes to dealing with issues, and they have more instruments to manage their life.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title