Insider reveals how mother Lynette influenced Roger Federer's mindset

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Insider reveals how mother Lynette influenced Roger Federer's mindset

In an exclusive interview with Tennis World USA, the CEO of the Roger Federer Foundation, Janine Händel, commented on the roles that the Swiss player's mother Lynette, father Robert and wife Mirka have in the Foundation.

Händel spoke highly of Lynette, who has South African grassroots. 'She truly educated her son to become a philanthropist', Händel revealed. 'She taught him her values to give back. This is not something which suddenly appears in a moment of someone's life.

This mostly comes from education. How the Foundation works, our focus on Africa, this is influenced by Roger's mother, who is the Ambassador of our Foundation. She regularly visits the regions for our projects with her father Robert. They are very active and important for our Foundation.

Robert Federer is particularly involved in the Foundation especially in Switzerland. He is actually the net-worker, he is pushing, he is connected to all the tennis associations in Switzerland and we are very grateful for all the connections he has.

He always travels around representing the Foundation.' Finally, Händel spoke about Mirka: 'The Foundation is really a family Foundation. Mirka is not only at the centre of our Roger's life, but also in the Foundation's.

She attends the board meetings having a role in the decisions we take on the programmes we choose.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title