Not even adults know who Roger Federer is in some parts of Africa: Insider

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Not even adults know who Roger Federer is in some parts of Africa: Insider

Speaking to Tennis World USA, the CEO of the Roger Federer Foundation, Janine Händel, revealed the children of the Swiss player's charity activity do not really know Federer's legacy in tennis and life. Federer has earned $640 million so far in career prize money, endorsements and other incomes, as reported by Forbes, which is an unmaginable amount for many in Africa.

'It's not that children don't know that he is a famous person, but they wouldn't believe that someone could earn so much money to actually be able to donate some of it to children in Africa,' said Händel.

'This is hard to believe. We are working in an area of Africa where even adults do not know who Roger is.' Händel also commented on Bill Gates's influence on Federer as a person. ''We are very grateful for the two Match for Africas Bill Gates took part in, playing doubles (in Seattle), which was really fun, contributing to the massive financial success for the Foundation.

There is a formal relationship between our Foundations because we are not sharing exactly our same visions when it comes to work in Africa. For Roger and Mirka, it was so inspiring and great to speak to Bill and Melinda, who are some of the greatest philantropystes in the world.

Mirka and Roger could learn so much from them in terms of having visions, in terms of the role of the philanthropist." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title