Annabel Croft comments on Roger Federer's post-retirement plans

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Annabel Croft comments on Roger Federer's post-retirement plans

In an interview to Tennis World USA, Annabel Croft commented on what she thought Roger Federer could do after his retirement from tennis. No one is sure about when the 37-year-old will end his professional career, and no one knows about his post-career plans either.

And neither does Croft. 'I have no idea what his ambitions are after tennis,' said the British. 'But I am sure we will see him around the sport because he loves it so much. I do not think he will disappear, I think we will see him around.

I think he may give opinions but I do not think he will be a regular commentator. He has got four children and they are very young, I am sure he wants to spend a lot of time in their schooling and their engagements. I think he will be a family man.' This year Croft finished her season as a presenter at the ATP Finals working for one last time on Sky Sports that will not broadcast tennis matches in 2019.

Croft will be back on the road at the Australian Open working with Eurosport. She praised the Big three - Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic - but could not pick who was the better player out of all the three when competing at their best abilities, because they have done it 'at different times and on different surfaces'.

At the same time, she added: 'When one player plays better, then inspires the other one to find solutions to problems. The three, and I think we can put Murray in the mix as well, have really pushed each other to improve and I think they all appreciate each other.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title