Federer: I never thought Laver Cup would be held in Switzerland so soon

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Federer: I never thought Laver Cup would be held in Switzerland so soon

Roger Federer is looking forward to playing the Laver Cup in Geneva in September 2019. The world no. 3 admitted he was surprised with the organizers and the whole tournament board choosing his country to host the third edition of the men's tennis event. 'I never thought that the Laver Cup would take place in Switzerland so soon and that I could experience this,' said Federer.

'It was a bit surprising to me. It has never been my goal that it gets organized here and that I could take part. I’ve always said that the best players should take part and that the location should alternate between Europe and the rest of the world.

That’s why I’m really looking forward to it.' Federer also spoke about his chances of playing clay in 2019: 'This year I wanted to know early so that I could plan. For next year I’d like to know it even earlier so that I know how to prepare.

Quite personally, it’s related with the family planning and with my body. These two things. That’s why I want to discuss it with the team in the coming weeks.' Talking on playing in Australia, Federer concluded: 'I love playing in Australia so much! I’ve been inspired so much by the Australians players like Tony Roche; loved watching Pat Rafter; Peter Carter of course – my former coach who died unfortunately.

So the country means a lot to me as well as the tournament (AO) and I can’t wait to play there.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title