People care about early rounds only if Federer or Nadal lose: Jack Nicklaus

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People care about early rounds only if Federer or Nadal lose: Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus is a golf legend, but he loves tennis as well. The American spoke to about the differences between golf and tennis, in particular the Majors. While in golf they last just four days, in tennis they last two weeks.

'Generally people don’t pay attention to the early round matches in tennis, unless somebody beats Nadal or Federer,' said Nicklaus. 'We remember when Federer beat Sampras at Wimbledon [fourth round, 2001] that we said, "Who is that guy?" And we found out.

In golf it is compressed, but you can play for four days and win the tournament by one shot. Both tennis and golf have intense pressure, whether it is two weeks for a tennis major, or four days in the golf majors. It is a tough question to answer.

It may be tougher for a golfer to win a major because you have so many players. In tennis, someone might get injured and you get a breather, but in golf you are not going to get 144 guys injured.' Nicklaus also commented on his recent memories in tennis as a spectator: 'I have seen Serena (Williams) win Wimbledon and was there when Kvitova beat Bouchard [2014] in the women’s final.

That was no contest that day. Bouchard didn’t have the power to deal with Kvitova’s game. I just love the atmosphere at Wimbledon and Phil (Brook, chairman of the AELTC) invites Barbara and I into the Royal Box for a day.

I often run into Rod Laver at Wimbledon. He has become a pretty good friend.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title