Adoration towards Roger Federer is unique, says fan

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Adoration towards Roger Federer is unique, says fan

In an interview to ESPN, Colleen Taylor, the co-creator of the famous banner that you may have often seen on TVs while watching Roger Federer's matches called "Shhh!! Quiet! Genius At Work" praised the Swiss player.

Taylor believes there is an unique environment around the 20-time Major winner. 'There's always a buzz around great athletes, but it's so personal when it comes to Roger", Taylor said. "I have never seen anything like this kind of belovedness, this adoration that follows him.

What makes it so special is that he doesn't just take something from you and just keep on going. He looks directly at you, says, 'thank you,' stops to talk, makes you feel that it's no chore for him. He signed my banner and took that extra moment to make me feel special, so that in some way you really feel like a diamond when you share that one moment with him.' Vinny Richards is also a big fan of Federer: 'Since 2004, I've had four back surgeries, a failed fusion, which has been so very debilitating, and I've had difficult times.

I watched 2006, his best year, from a hospital bed. I lost my career, my wife left, I regrouped, raised my daughter by myself, and in between doctor's appointments Roger has been a positive distraction, even an inspiration for me to keep going.

He has an inspirational way of handling losses, better than any other star in any sport ever, which makes his victories so much sweeter.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title