Roger Federer would have been a great footballer, says fitness trainer

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Roger Federer would have been a great footballer, says fitness trainer

Would Roger Federer have been talented in other sports? The answer is yes, according to his fitness trainer Pierre Paganini. Speaking to, Paganini said: 'Of course. In al the sports that have a ball involved; for sure in football.

Federer needs the attraction in the game, even when training. For example, he would have not been a good swimmer.' Federer played football until the 12 years of age. Does Federer train differently than when he was 25 years old? 'From one side, you have to focus on the consistency, because tennis is still the same sport, whether you are 20 or 35 years old.

Of course, some changes need to be there. There are always some fitness blocks the body needs to go through. The plan and the division of the various training sessions are very important. The right thing to do at the right moment is enormously important.

As a young athlete, you still have a lot of energy. As a mature athlete, you have a lot of experience. At 27 you have to train like when you turn 30.' Could he imagine in 1994, when they started working together, that Federer would have still been a top tennis player in 2018? 'Even at the time, you saw and felt that Federer had special coordination and creativity abilities.

There were stages in the training sessions where you could feel like: "Wow". But obviously it's basically impossible for younger players to say: he will be the number one in the future and a Federer-like career is unimaginable.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title