Pierre Paganini: 'Roger Federer is an artist and great hard-worker'

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Pierre Paganini: 'Roger Federer is an artist and great hard-worker'

Pierre Paganini has been Roger Federer's fitness trainer since 1994 when the Swiss player was just 13 years old. Paganini plays a crucial role in the Federer's success and, earlier this month, before getting to the tennis court, they worked together in the gym trying to prepare as well as possible for the new season.

Speaking to 1815, Paganini said: 'Federer is an artist with his unbelievable creativity, which he has as an athlete as well. He is very co-ordinated. But with these arts qualities, he is a great hard worker, which often gets underestimated.

Wawrinka is a great hard worker and he has an unbelievable amount of energy. Thanks to the consistent hard work, Wawrinka discovered himself as an artist too.' How often does he work with the two players? 'With Federer, I work from 120 to 140 days, with Wawrinka usually 70 days a year.

You usually have a training block in December, one in March/April, one in July/August and one in September/October. It always depends on the season. You have three or foue blocks, with some specific training.' Commenting on the several ways to train physically with a tennis player, Paganini said it changes player by player: 'Despite they play the same sport, it depends on their single characters.

Everyone tries to count on their strengths to get the best out of themselves.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title