Roger Federer sends emotional message to retiring Florian Mayer

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Roger Federer sends emotional message to retiring Florian Mayer

Florian Mayer played a farewell match with his compatriot Maximilian Marterer on Sunday in Germany to say goodbye to the professional tennis. Mayer played his last match at the US Open in August this year. In front of a 550-people crowd, a video featuring Roger Federer who sent a message to Mayer was displayed.

'Congratulations for your great career. It was always funny to see you playing and playing against you', said Mayer. 'We had some good and tough matches. I know how difficult is to stop. I have not done it yet. All the best for your future, and I hope to see you soon.

You are a good guy.' Another special moment during the match came when the guest Christian Höreth brought Mayer's first coach, Reiner Rogler, on the bench. After a match against Maximilian Marterer, Mayer left the stadium speaking to the crowd: 'Time to say goodbye.

It was very fun to play here for you. I was away from here in the past and now it's a perfect goodbye.' Mayer joked he is delighted that he won't face some of the strongest players of all time, including Novak Djokovic.

'I would say he's returning back everything. He's returning almost everything. So that's one of his biggest weapons. And he's moving really great on court. So, yeah, it's a really, tough, tough opponent', Mayer said speaking of the Serb's comeback at the highest level.

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