'Roger Federer doesn't stop saying that he loves wife Mirka' - Writer

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'Roger Federer doesn't stop saying that he loves wife Mirka' - Writer

Argentinean writer Sebastian Fest praised Roger Federer in an interview to Cristina Perez, both tennis-wise and from a technical point of view. 'He is a very educated guy', Fest admitted. 'And this is important because that's not always the case with famous people, whether it's sports, shows or politics.

He cares about the details. You meet him and he looks at you and says hi. It does not happen with many players. He got married to Mirka Vavrinec, a former Swiss tennis player of Slovakian origin that may not be the nicest girl in the world.

They spoke a lot about why he did not get married to a super model. They said anything. Federer doesn't stop saying that he loves her, he has four children with her and he said that when he retires, he will spend all his time with Mirka because she had to follow him tournament by tournament.'

Fest added: 'Federer has a big natural talent, you have no doubts about it, but he is also a guy who worked and who works a lot. In 2013 he lost to Federico Delbonis in Hamburg, a match where he plays in a terrible way.

Federer was testing a new racquet, he was trying to find ways to have a longer career, which not many people do. He had nothing to show. He was not lacking money, he could do another thing. And with all the humility he looked for a new racket, asked for help, met different ways to practice but always sacrificing himself and spending time in what he wanted to do.

Now he has 20 Grand Slams, which was something impossible to predict three years ago. You do not do it just with talent.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title