Roger Federer Foundation explains reasons behind investing in Africa

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Roger Federer Foundation explains reasons behind investing in Africa

In an interview to CNN, the CEO of the Roger Federer Foundation Janine Händel explained why they are very focused on improving education in a poor country like Southern Africa. There is a clear reason behind it, belonging to Federer's origins.

'This was quite a natural choice because Roger's mother is born in South Africa and Roger spent as a little kid many many holidays in South Africa living on farms, going with the camper in the national parks and so it's really a continent which is close to his heart, which is family', said Händel.

'I think he is even South African citizen. So I think it was really natural when he wanted to settle his Foundation that one geographical focus would be in South Africa. But when you take these strategic decisions later on in a Foundation, where the Foundation should become engaged, there were also some very rational arguments which we stay actually in the region and grow up in the whole region of Southern Africa where we cover six continents, because it's very cost efficient that you can move around quickly from one country to the other and you become a stakeholder in the region.

You get your network about your topic but in that one region you get to know how you have similar programmes in each and every country that you can compare where you can create synergies. So all that makes sense to focus on one particular region in the world and not to split your efforts and also your expenditures in different countries.

For the next seven years, which is our new strategy to come up with, yes, we will remain focused on Southern Africa as the job is not done, so there is no reason why we should change, but of course this a decision the board needs to take at every new strategy.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title