Roger Federer comments on the bad news around Hopman Cup

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Roger Federer comments on the bad news around Hopman Cup

Roger Federer is sad to see the Hopman Cup leaving the calendar. The Swiss player has been competing in the team event for three years now, and it will probably be his last appearance there as in 2020 the ATP Cup will take place in several Australian cities from 3 to 12 January.

'I mean, I hope it continues and we have great international tennis coming here', said Federer speaking of the Hopman Cup, where he pairs up with Belinda Bencic. 'Look, tennis is going through some rough changes, more so discussions.

Perth has a wonderful arena, great tennis fans, great history so even if the Hopman Cup folds, I’m sure it will transcend and continue in another shape or form. How it intends to be formed remains to be seen.' Federer loves the Western Australia tourism as well, and he added: 'You remove one block from this Jenga tower, and it starts wobbling.

We’ll have to carefully figure it out. Right now, we’re lucky we have an amazing amount of highlights. Tennis is always going to involve a lot of superstars and is bigger than any athlete. But it is good to have options as players and I do think we can run both the cups together.' Federer concluded speaking about the beginnings of his career: 'I guess, number one, it needed a tough mind to accept misses on the backhand.

It needed strong legs to move around the backhand or just accept the fact I just needed to defend a lot on the backhand or that I needed to improve my attacking play. I just needed time but d,efinitely Lleyton (Hewitt) had a big impact on my career with all the big matches we played.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title