Training with Roger Federer in New York was nice, says Marterer

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Training with Roger Federer in New York was nice, says Marterer

In an interview to Tennisnet, the world No. 74 Maximilian Marterer commented on some of the changes he saw for his career on the ATP Tour after reaching the French Open fourth round losing to Rafael Nadal. Marterer is now closer to the top players in some ways. 'It was nice in New York to have the opportunity to train with Roger Federer', he confessed.

'You do not get this chance every day. It did not really change a lot. Sometimes you can speak with other players because now they know what they can expect from me.' Asked if having a pre-season training in Tenerife with Philippe Kohlschreiber, Dominic Thiem and Dennis Novak could be an option, Marterer replied: 'I did not get worried about it this year.

But obviously, it could be interesting to do the preparation in another place, both in Tenerife and Florida.' He also said: 'I know Kohli better than Sascha (Zverev). But you can see how these big players solve some situations in a different way, better than yourself, but in general, I am more careful about training and what I want to do best.' Commenting on his goals for the new season, Marterer added: 'I want to be back on the top 50.

I have to make my game a little more coherent. I perform better on some surfaces. For example, on grass my results dropped.' Why does he cheer for FC Hoffenheim? 'I definitely already gave an answer... Well: my father is a Bayern fan, I grew up in Nurnberg, many of my teammates at the time were Nurnberg or Fürth fans.

I never had the right relationship with these clubs. And then seeing Hoffenheim do well, I got passionate about it.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title