Roger Federer unsure about clay in 2019, Olympics in 2020

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Roger Federer unsure about clay in 2019, Olympics in 2020

For Roger Federer, playing the 2020 Olympic Games is not necessarily a goal to accomplish. The Swiss has always said he wants to compete as long as he wants to do it and at the highest level. Federer calmed down rumours indicating that he could have his last season as a tennis professional in 2019.

'I have been asked a lot if like the Tokyo Olympics was like a sort of goal for me and I never said that', Federer said. 'I have said that with Rio and London in the past that it was a big deal for me. Tokyo is just sort of far away for instance but then I am just really focused for next year (2019) and sure, maybe if it continues, it does and if it continues it doesn't.

But I have no plans, nothing new there, no revelations and the comments you have heard I don't know what you have heard but from my standpoint I am trying to figure out my schedule for next year and I will just go year by year, which I have always done.

There is nothing new.' Commenting on his 2019 plans, Federer admitted he is not sure if he will play on clay yet. He is set to take a decision within Indian Wells or Miami: 'I have to figure out the American summer, the clay, then the grass and how would that work or if it is just better to keep it like it was.

We are working through it with the team.' Federer will face Frances Tiafoe and Serena Williams at the Hopman Cup next. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title